Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thurs 090507 pm 1Pt 3-5 & Eph 5

1 Peter 3
obey the Word
respectful and pure conduct
the hidden person of the heart
gentle and quiet spirit
holy women ... hoped in God
submitting to their own husbands
do good
do not fear anything
an understanding way
showing honor
heirs with you
3.10 Psalm 34.12-16
3.17 if that should be God's will... So suffering for good can be God's will. That is a challenging statement to get your mind around.
3.22 has gone

1 Peter 4
4.1 arm yourselves with the same way of thinking... Now that is the challenge.
4.8 above all, keep loving... So love is more important than self-control and being sober-minded ...hmmmm.
4.10 whoever speaks ... whoever serves ... in order that in everything... It all fits together and comes together.

1Peter 5
5.5 -6 Humble yourselves... I am thinking about these verses in light of the times in Chronicles when some of the kings did or did not humble themselves before God or one of His prophets.
5.7 He cares...

Ephesians 5
5.1 imitators of God is a big concept to think about.
5.10 try to discern what is pleasing to the Lord. This is part of Tulsa Bible Church's motto. "Pleasing God and making disciples..." This is kinda like WWJD and brings to like that there is some thought that needs to be given to the subject.
5.14 an intriguing quote
5.22-33 I have the habit of highlighting references to Christ and other individuals, etc. in my Bible reading. As I marked this passage, it struck me just how many times Christ (13 x's in 11 verses) and the Church (9 x's) is mentioned in these verses.

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