Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1 Kings 15-16

1 Kings
15.3  his heart was not loyal to the LORD his God... 
        שָׁלֵם   Strong's H8003 - shalem  complete, safe, peaceful, perfect, whole, full, at peace 
15.3  as was the heart of his father David...  This is one of many comparisons to David through the Kings.  I don't think that father is in a biological sense.
15.5  except in the matter of...  As notable as this affair was, it is striking that it is the only one that was identified.  Surely I would have many, but there are others in David's life it seems should have been included.  Something to think about.
15. 11  Asa ... as did his father David...
15.26  One of many comparisons to Jeroboam in a bad sense.
16.13  provoking the LORD God to anger...  This seems to be the primary accomplishment of the northern kings.
16.25  Omri did evil in the eyes of the LORD... Even though Omri was apparently a very powerful ruler, the Biblical record seems to show little interest in him other than his extraordinary level of wickedness.  See  the Associates for Biblical Research article "Omri, King of Israel."
16.31  the sins of Jeroboam...   And just when you thought things had gotten about as bad as they could.
16.34  What a gruesome and depraved thing to do!

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