Monday, March 19, 2012

I Kings 10-12

1 Kings
10.10  happy are these your servants...  A sign of good leadership.
10.14  gold...  De. 17.14-18
10.26  horsemen...  De. 17.14-18
11.1  many foreign women...  De. 17.14-18
11.4  when Solomon was old...   We should have this in mind when we choose a wife.
11.31  thus says the Lord...  but Jeroboam's later behavior shows that he did not have the heart to believe what God told him through Ahijah.  It was quite an offer.
12.13  answered the people roughly, and rejected the advice which the elders had given him.  What an idiot!
12.15  for the turn of events was from the Lord...  Another example of God using the foolishness of men to accomplish His designs.
12.24  therefore they obeyed...  Which is somewhat surprising given the judgement Reaboam has shown so far.
12.26  Now Jeroboam said in his heart...  The is a way which seemeth right, but...
12.33  which he had devised in his own heart...   How quickly he has forgotten Ahijah.

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